Sakin Vadi - the leisurely valley

Sakin Vadi is a small valley in the area of the village Orhaniye in Southwest Turkey. It's far away from any traffic. We settled here, because of stillnes and calmness are more important for us, as hectical activities. Our neighbours are flocks of goats and land tortoise, after five minutes walk you ar away from workaday things in pure nature.

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But nevertheless we live in the seclusion of our valley, there are only 30 minutes by car to reach the tourist center Marmaris. There all you can buy what you may have forgotten at home. Also mediacal care in european standards is available. In this way the needs of modern life can be combined with the desired calm in best manner.

On foot the village of Orhaniye offers a open air market each Saturday, some small restaurants arround as well as several possibilities for bathing in the Gulf of Hisarönü 1.5 km away. By bus (here named Dolmus) or with a rental car you can reach different destinations within a day trip, so no boredom must appear. More about that you can see at >> leisure facilities .